Pod Play: J Cole – Killer

Name a song J Cole hasn’t threw up on… [I’ll wait] This track is no different. It’s clear his strength is definitely in these storytelling songs. However, this song won’t make it to Cole-World. J Cole brings this track to life through the deep thoughts of a killer. “My story isn’t the only one I’m trying to tell,” J Cole. Cooking up a classic takes time, so be patient, Cole-World will definitely be a classic.

Mama, I just killed a man. My body’s still trembling can you feel my hand? Don’t shed no tears, it wont be long before they find out it was me mama. This may be the last time you may see me free, Ma don’t spend it cry’n. You did ya best. I was blessed, know you was stressed try’n… to keep me out the streets. Me duck’n police, try’n not to make a peep to wake you up outta ya sleep. A drunk and high fool, skipp’n class flunk’n high school


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