Roberu “Pray For Japan” Wristband

I really dig wrist accessories – I feel it adds a little extra style to your wardrobe. Japanese leather enthusiasts Roberu have created this basic wristband, with a theme of “Pray For Japan” to help benefit those effected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit parts of Tohoku in Japan. Featuring an oil dyed leather in both brown and black, this adjustable piece is unisex and is available for 500YEN / $6 USD with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Help Japan by donating money, time, or even if it’s just extending good vibes. Keep Japan in your prayers at this time.


Pod Play: J Cole – Killer

Name a song J Cole hasn’t threw up on… [I’ll wait] This track is no different. It’s clear his strength is definitely in these storytelling songs. However, this song won’t make it to Cole-World. J Cole brings this track to life through the deep thoughts of a killer. “My story isn’t the only one I’m trying to tell,” J Cole. Cooking up a classic takes time, so be patient, Cole-World will definitely be a classic.

Mama, I just killed a man. My body’s still trembling can you feel my hand? Don’t shed no tears, it wont be long before they find out it was me mama. This may be the last time you may see me free, Ma don’t spend it cry’n. You did ya best. I was blessed, know you was stressed try’n… to keep me out the streets. Me duck’n police, try’n not to make a peep to wake you up outta ya sleep. A drunk and high fool, skipp’n class flunk’n high school

Video: Off The Wall NY x D’Face

I’ve stumbled across those wings on a Basquait painting. I loved it! But I never knew the artist. And of course it stood out, it’s on Basquiat filled with vibrant colors that poured out his wild style. When you scan the canvas and bring your eyes up, right out the ears are two wings. It’s similar to what Warhol did during the Pop movement, he took popular people or things and recreated them – his most popular ones, Madonna or the Campbell’s Soup. Instead, street artist might recreate an iconic symbol with their motif tagged on it. Kaws puts his mark on everything, most recently Tweety Bird.

Video: Let’s Colour Project – Walls Are Dancing

House music everyday is getting more and more popular, and going mainstream with the help of the MTV 2010 VMA’s. Dead Mau5 DJ booth was something I’ve never seen before. I know my boy Nick will appreciate this post for the music, as well as the vibrant colors in the project. In Let’s Colour Project, editing really makes the wall dance to the beat. The music is by Monsieur Monsieur, another source to look up for new music.