Who We Are

Chad Harris
Designer & Editor

Q & A

Where you rest your head at?
Brooklyn baby..
What’s your style?
Simple and plain, and I think shows in the way I move. Jeans and white tee will do just fine.
What do you collect?
Anything print. Magazines, Tags, Shopping Bags, & so-on
Dream job?
Getting paid to do nothing? That might be too “Peter Griffin,” as someone I know would say. A dream job would definitely be getting paid diversify my experiences, meet new people or do new things. I think it’s important to have diverse experience to drive some form of creativity.

4 Mantras to keeping it surreal

Make yourself unreasonably happy. On the daily, at least once in the day, please yourself – you deserve it! Make time for what you really enjoy doing/make your lively hood your passion. Wherever I’m at, I’m doing what the f$ck I want.
Look out for No.1. Whatever you do, stand by it. Let your actions and your feelings be your own and not somebody else’s. You move out and you act on that. You have to be loyal to yourself before you can be loyal to somebody else.
Expand your horizons. Think outside your normal mental capacity. It’s a whole new world outside of what you already know. If opportunity presents itself, jump on it!
Allow a man his vices. There ain’t no advantages or disadvantages to gett’n lifted. That’s just one of my “leisure pleasures.”