J. Cole Interview with The Smoking Section

The good folks at TSS caught up with J. Cole recently for an in-depth interview on his production style, what inspires him, cratedigging in the digital age, and working with No I.D. for his debut album.


Quick Shot x NYSF

I always been a fan of NYSF Photography. They’re definitely BIG at what they do and they happen to capture moments of life beautifully. Soho never looked better – the lighting in this photo is dope. Shout outs to Maine and Nell at NYSF.

Creative Device for Paralyzed Artists

We have all heard tales of paralyzed or partially paralyzed artists and creative minds who continue to produce provocative work with toes or limited physical capabilities as best as they can. The EyeWriter is a low-cost device which includes a DIY hardware and free software that allows artists to draw with their eyes. The EyeWriter has been created by GRL and the FAT Lab in collaboration with graffiti writer and ALS sufferer, Tempt One.

Please check out the inspiration video of Tempt One using the first prototype of The EyeWriter, and vote to celebrate the tenacity of the creative mind in face of adversity online at Pepsi Refresh after the jump.

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Video: For The Love of The Game

The basketball court definitely was sanctuary. Out of all the times I got in trouble growing, somehow, on the basketball court I always seem to be doing something right. If not I could make up for it, I didn’t get yelled at. I started at my school’s in-house tournament, T.J.B.A. After that I was caught up, I didn’t want to leave the gym, I would go from one practice to the next. My mom would be calling my cell and I refused to pick up cause I wasn’t ready. Then watching the Dunkers Delight games at Wingate, even the pick up games. Those were the days man. The video was filmed and directed by Sid Ashford.

Pod Play: Red Cafe – Heart & Soul Of New York City

Brooklyn! WE DID IT… That’s how I feel when I hear a song like this from a Brooklyn artist. Jay was killing them with Empire State of Mind, and Red Cafe gives you Heart & Soul of New York City. Dunkers Delight in Wingate, what’s good? K1X added visuals to the Pete Rock produced song. Lyrics aside, I feel this way about anybody with a grind hard, keep grinding mentality coming out of Brooklyn. New York City, keep doing it!

No Tippin’ Pippen Hall of Fame

We’re Chicago Bulls fans over here, we had to make this announcement. August 13th, Scottie Pippen was inducted into the sacred NBA Hall of Fame. The former 5th round pick from Central Arkansas made a name for himself as one of the best small forwards of all time. While the teammate that will induct him usually got most of the attention on court and on foot, Pip was one of the all time greats at both with a decorated hardwood resume and one of the best signature Nike lines. On the court he brought home 6 Championships, 7 All Star Appearances, 8 All NBA Teams, 8 All NBA Defensive Teams, and 2 Gold Medals.

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