What We Do

I’m a student graphic designer & I am from Brooklyn, NY. Initially I started Keep It Surreal to have a voice. And I learned early on how viral the Internet can be. I can never forget the people that I stuck around that put me on [Pardon Me Duke, Feltonamus, Curtis, ‘Trose] – they really opened my eyes. At Keep It Surreal we can talk about what we want, when we want. Keep it funky bruh. If you don’t like our opinions then keep it moving or part-take in the discussion. Each person has to have there own meaning of Keeping It Surreal because something surreal is fantasy-like. I’ve always been an optimist, so it all comes from that.

Our purpose is to touch on topics from art, design and musiq to life and habitat. Here, we try to give a shining light on all creatives, especially aspiring guys, like myself, as well as established folk. We’ll use this blog to explore a thing or two. Hopefully you’ll contribute.

Keep It Surreal!

General inquires to: keepitsurreal.online@gmail.com

el fin.
– Chad Harris