Brain Food

One thing that’s been a brain teaser for me is perceptions. Doing community service at a community development office I see everyone and everyone is said to have their own style. I think otherwise. Majority follow trends and a few create their own. It’s always easier to walk a paved path. Your style is suppose to be like your two-minute pitch. Boom, they say women know from the first minute of meeting you if they want anything to do with you [and I’m saying that gently]. That last minute you better sell yourself. So why not spend time creating. Otherwise, she might as well be dealing with Gucci or Trey. Not comparing the two. I digress, all she’s getting is a copy.

I can’t stand for anyone telling me what’s cool to say, dress, or act, etc. [I’m not a fan of the over usage of the word wavy now]. I’m doing whatever the fuck I want. I be in outer space, but I got inner peace [beaming]. I move to the rhythm of my own beat, and that’s what alot of people forget to do. Not that there are no flaws with me – that’s just what I’m seeing. The last convo I had with one of my boys, and a interaction I had with a little kid I knew growing had me like, damn. Everybody recognize it eventually. I don’t have a definition for my style, but that’s good. After you label something your stuck to that. Intellect? Nope. I’m not always looking for answers [ignorance is bliss… to an extent]. Graphic Designer? Nah, I do more than that. I just do what I do, you know?


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