Best Desserts: Bizy Dream’n x The Lamp NYC

Just recently I’d been working on a flyer design for The Lamp, a non-profit organization creating a movement to reform and improve media, & Always Order Dessert for Best Desserts at Double Windsor Bar. On June 9th New York City’s hottest food bloggers go at it in a dessert contest before a panel of celebrity judges…and you!

I’d been putting it off for a couple of days, you know how I do. Nevertheless, I everything was as promised – they approved. Chilly. I was going for a retro diner look with the typography. I wanted it to be homey, tasteful. If you look at the design, I kinda stole from Jim Jarmusch’s, a memo to a friend, layout +post. I really enjoyed that friendly feeling I got from it and I just wanted to use it. I’m a little hype about this because exposure is exposure, good or bad, people will know of you. In this case, it’s definitely good exposure.

Support The Lamp, hope to see y’all there.

Check out the flyer after the jump.


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