Action Runner

Capture Action steps, relentlessly.
During a brainstorm/meeting or on the run, ideas can come and go unless they are captured as action steps.

Tend to your Backburner.
Keep a “Backburner” to catch ideas that may someday become actions. Whether it is an idea for the future or some small errand you want to remember, put it in the backburner and then forget about it.

The Action Runner was designed by the Behance product team and is based on the Action Method. The front of each page provides a handy template to capture ideas as action steps when you’re on the run. The back of each page features Behance’s dot grid for notations and sketches.

Your Passion is your work, treat it well. The Action Runner’s cover is a unique suede-to-the-touch hard cover. The pages are made of 80lb Premium Blend paper with a subtle texture (30% post-consumer recycled), printed full bleed, and perforated for maximum flexibility.

source via: Behance


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