News: Pop-up Design Museum [‘n] Boston

Founders Sam Aquillano, Bose Corp. product designer, and Derek Cascio, Philips Color Kinetics designer, were discussing ways to boost the profile of the Massachusetts design community, sketched on the back of  a pizza box. These two guys decided to look a organizing a museum in a different way. Because traditional museum hadn’t been an appealing market, Sam and Derek looked into bringing the museum to the public. Design Museum Boston will be separate installations scattered through multiple retail locations. Design Museum is about bringing education in design [animation, print, fashion, architectural, industrial] to the public and that there are designers and there is a design scene in Boston. The New England area and its designers are putting that traditional and colonial essence into the design scene that’s heavily influenced by a ever-changing modern world.

I proposed an idea for the Design Club here at my school to make a trip to Design Museum Boston’s launch party, considering how many designer’s will be there. It’d be a great way to network and build a name in a region different from what you already know.

Design Museum Boston is a non-profit organization with the goal of creating, establishing, and operating virtual and physical design exhibit spaces online, in Boston, and all over New England. These spaces will exhibit design work and host events and programs related to design education.

Design Museum Boston Launch Party
March 16, 2010 7:30 pm
West End Johnnies
138 Portland St.
Boston, MA

Check out Design Museum Boston to R.S.V.P


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