Wyclef Jean & Fugees’ Pras Encourages Earthquake Aid To Haiti

Hip Hop artist Wyclef Jean  and Pras is urging people to donate $5 to Jean’s Haitian charity, Yéle Haiti, by texting “YELE” to 501501. (The donation will be automatically charged to your cellphone bill.) His is one of many Haiti earthquake relief efforts underway. Pras says he’d be open to group reuniting for benefit concert.

The Haitian people were still desperately trying to recover from deadly hurricanes that hit 18 months ago before this latest devastating blow to the poorest and least prepared country in our hemisphere. The earthquake, the largest the Caribbean island has seen in more than 200 years, struck around 4:50 p.m. on Tuesday. The epicenter was around 10 miles from the capital of Port-au-Prince, which according to reports was largely destroyed by the initial quake and a series of more than 30 aftershocks.

The earthquake was felt in several areas of Jamaica including: Liguanea, Barbican, UWI, Half-Way Tree, Heroes Circle, Kingston/St. Andrew, Seaforth, St. Thomas, Annotto Bay, St. Mary, Hope Bay, Portland. The last historic earthquake to hit Jamaica was June 1692, which sunk then the chief city of Jamaica, Port Royal. Boy!, these are the times and it makes you really think about the global warming issues and 2012. I don’t think 2012 is the end, but global warming is a big issue and should be among our concerns.

A Tsunami Watch was issued at 4:53 p.m. by the Pacific Warning Centre for Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Whilst none was issued for Jamaica, a Tsunami Advisory has been issued for the region.


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