TEN:15 Variant

Chad Harris, Cross Island Parkway, Rear View.

I thought about Starin’ Through my Rear View by Tupac as I looked at this photo. (Lyrics after the jump)

Brief: TEN:15

HOW DID IT START: a small group of people looking for an artistic diversion in the morning.

WHY?: We thought it would be interesting to see what one minute in time looks like in different places. A collection of life, work + play that revolves around 10:15 am.

It’s provided us with an opportunity to take a step back and look at our surroundings differently. Plus it’s always fun to see what other people are doing.

JOIN THE EXPERIMENT: If you have a camera phone or camera on you at 10:15 am, take a photo that shows a random glimpse of your life at that moment and email it in. Include your name, the location, a title for your photo and your website link (if you have one). Thanks for playing!


Tupac – Starin’ Through my Rear View

Staring at the world through my rearview
Just looking back at the world, from another level yaknowhatImean?

Multiple gunshots fill the block, the fun stops
Snitches is callin cops, people shot, nobody stop
I wonder when the world stopped caring last night
Two kids shot while the whole block staring
I will never understand this society, work to try
to murder me, then they lie to me, product of a dying breed
All my homies trying weed, now the little baby’s
crazed raised off Hennesey, tell me will my enemies
flee when they see me, believe me
Even Thugs gotta learn to take it easy, listen
Through intermissions search your heart for a plan
and we turnin Bad Boys to grown men, it’s on again
I give a holla to my niggaz in the darkest corners
Roll a perfect blunt, and let me spark it for ya
One love from a thug nigga rollin with a posse
full of paranoid drug dealers, to the end my friend

I’m seein nuttin but my dreams comin true
While I’m starin at the world through my rearview (see)

(They got me) starin at the world through my rearview
Go on baby scream to God, he can’t hear you
I can feel your heart beatin fast, guess it’s time to die (we)
Gettin high, watchin time fly, and all my motherfuckers

Now I was raised as a young black male
In order to get paid, forced to make crack sales
Caught a nigga so they send me to these overpacked jails
In the cell, countin days in this livin black Hell, do you feel me?
Keys to ignition, use at your discretion
Roll with a twelve gauge pump for protection
Niggaz hate me in the section from years of chin checkin
Turn to Smith and Wesson war weapons
Heavenly Father I’m a soldier, I’m gettin hotter
cause the world’s gettin colder, baby let me hold ya
Talk to my guns like they fly bitches
All you bustas best to run look at my bitches


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