D.W.S.T. Chapter 1: 2oz.


“Drunken words, Sober Thoughts” been out for a minute now, hard copies is moving and downloads are going up. Lut’s been grinding for a minute, I think y’all ought to take him seriously cause he’s no slump on the mic. I ‘been’ had D.W.S.T on the pod play, in addition to the the other three mixtapes [Cure 4 the Sickness, The Hangover, and the 80 Proof Mixtape], I don’t why I fronted and didn’t put it on the blog.

I knew this dude for a long ass time, download now!

success is a fertile soil for a weed called pride, but i’ll take a pull for a week long high. if i bag it up is the streets gon’ buy.


Check him out @:


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