Dream Out Loud


I stumbled on this postcard on Laidback. It really made me think about this journey in creating Bizy Dreaming x Keep It Surreal, a life of optimistic comfort, fun, style, and friendships… For those of you who don’t know what we do, Bizy Dreaming is a graphic design group that I’d like to start in the future, and everything else, like Keep It Surreal, falling under that cloud. Keep It Surreal would be the magazine accompanying the lifestyle of Bizy Dreaming.

Although the economic climate is wack right now, you really have to believe that it will be better, that you can be better, and that all things are possible if you just believe.

el fin.


One thought on “Dream Out Loud

  1. somethingbrandnew

    word u rite we just gotta keep believing in our shit…but we deadass gotta start gettin our shit together tho . That idea u thru out few wkz ago B said he wit it we jus gotta stop keepin it on hold and start pushin forward wit it.

    And yo get back on our blog wit the postin we need it u slackin big time haha

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