Good Eats: Take One


(Pardon the cell phone pic) Initially I created “Good Eats,” the category, for times when I actually find good food. Obvious! I’m stuck in my ways when it comes to food, I eat what I know – I know what I eat. However, I knew it wouldn’t thrive for that long. Well, how could it? I don’t eat out often, if hardly, and the best food I eat, usually, is mom’s cooking. Any West Indians would already know whats on the dinner menu, those cultural delicacies. I’m trying to arouse my taste buds and get out more, eat different foods, experience different cultures, etc. This weekend I started off on a good foot. Friday, I made a second trip to the Publick Cup, in downtown New Haven, and enjoyed a toasted California Tuna: lemon and caper tuna salad (no mayo) with ripe avocado and fresh mozzarella on multigrain bread. With a Savannah… I’ll formally introduce the Savannah in a later post.

Don’t just scroll up/down to the next post, click the link and read =)


The second visit was on the go. After I spent a little time in downtown New Haven I got a snack for my train ride to the City, which was actually a decent ride. Even though it was rush hour, and the Yankees were hosting Boston (100th season win and swept them in the series might I add), I had my own space, jammed to some tunes with my new headphones, ate my lunch, and read a chapter from my design book. Graphic Design History has two uses, good stuff..




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