The G.O.A.T., Michael Jordan

large_SPT jordan 4

The best to ever do it. The G.O.A.T. (greatest of all-time), Michael Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame Sept. 11, 2009; but don’t think he’s ready to go into the pasture and graze, as he described to Michael Wilbon. In Jordan’s induction speech, MJ’s thank you list went well beyond friends and family. There was the coach who cut him. The player who dissed him. The media who doubted him.

Anyone who ever provided Jordan with motivation to become a better player.

When I watched MJ’s induction speech, I thought back to when my brothers, Chris, Al, and I would watch the games out in the living room. Every time we got out the house and stepped on the court we tried to emulate MJ, everyone in Wingate did, whether it was on the monkey bars, tryna Rock-the-Cradle with our tongues out, or on the courts tryna hit that last shot.

Conversation with Michael Wilbon after the jump.

… And I know you remember Space Jam, 1996, everybody went to see that. “We had that special stuff along.”


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