@ Sole Food x Life is ART

Sorry for the delayed write-up, “Can I Kick It?” hosted by OSE., Yaz & Rizz22, and Sole Food NYC was different from what I expected. It was definitely a private affair, but I think I preferred it that way. For the first time, I got to see Pesu and Rizz22’s art. The atmos was very chill and the musiq was jumpin’. Old-Soulz and Sole Food hosted a knockout event, for me at least. Definitely the crowd I’d like to be around. “Can I Kick It?” was a sweet blend between street art and sneakers.

I met another artist and designer while I was there, See One. Cool dude! Two of my good friends came along for the ride, Sade and Nia. I hope they had a good time like I did. I really wish I had my business card to give them. I’m looking to get in touch with OSE. in the future, maybe I can get some support. Keep It Surreal!

Old-Soulz Ent. (OSE.)
See One: 101 Nine Studios







can_i_kick_it7Red (Bizy Dreaming) x Yaz (Old-Soulz Ent.)


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