Video: Stevie Wonder – All About the Love Again

I might have underestimated or short-changed the entire field of animation. However, no one is to blame but myself. I might have taken a different position if I had an understanding of “creating YOUR OWN style of aesthetic.” One of my problems throughout all of my animation courses was that I felt each animation was suppose to look a specific way. And for those who know me well, Doug and my 8th grade tutor, I have a meticulous nature of making things exactly the way they are seen, so I allot all my time trying to do just that. For those who might be interest in animation, don’t make the mistake I made. DON’T get caught up in technicalities, create your own style of aesthetic, and manage your time properly – create your storyboard, and plan your approach.

All About the Love Again made me think about my attitude towards animation, and maybe I could have gave more effort in my courses, nevertheless, I still managed to pass both animation classes that I took. I doubt it will ever be one of my favorite thigns to do, but I might go back and try to better my skills.


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