Red’s Friday Podplay


I haven’t created a new playlist in about 2 or 3 months, this being my first since then, and a ill playlist at that! I figured I share my splendor with some of the world. Usually I listen to R&B to put me sleep, but I’ve been listening to this throughout the week, on repeat. I was brought up in the care of a woman, so I’m led to believe, she comes first. This is a playlist the ladies and the fellas can enjoy.

  1. Musiq – Millionaire
  2. John Legend – Cross That Line
  3. Anthony Hamilton – Cool
  4. Musiq – Moneyright
  5. John Legend – Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside)
  6. Trey Songz – Love Safari
  7. Erykah Badu – Honey
  8. Anthony Hamilton – Chyna Black
  9. Lyfe Jennings – Midnight Train
  10. Musiq – Makeyouhappy
  11. Ryan Leslie – I-R-I-N-A
  12. Trey Songz – I Need A Girl
  13. Musiq – B.U.D.D.Y.
  14. Common – Faithful
  15. Lyfe Jennings – Cops Up

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