Bizy Dreaming x Montage 2009


You haven’t seen one of these headline’s in awhile, Bizy Dreaming x “you”, or Bizy Dreaming x anyone else for that matter. I gave you an heads up a while back, that I’d be featured in a school publication, a publication, nevertheless. Anyway, it has arrived!!! I didn’t get what I wanted to be published, but I got something worthy of credit, so I’m excited about that. Next year, we are going for something better. I have a 3/4 page on page 18 for digital photography, check me out! This year’s edition of Montage is surprisingly far better than last year’s copy because more artists decided to step up. I have a few extra copies left from the ones I gave out, send me an email and we can work something out. Very limited copies!

Check out the featured photo (155th & 8th) here>>

el fin.

3 thoughts on “Bizy Dreaming x Montage 2009

  1. nell

    Bizy DreamingXNYSF comming soon
    yo hit me up for this shoot man our talents will be amazing. we need to sit and chat about this come up with some ideas.

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