Video: Knock You Down

Kanye and Keri? I’ll leave it there before I start any rumors, but the vibe of the video is just homey. I don’t know if it’s in the right context, but it feels like everyone has had familiar moments. Anyway, Kanye and Keri have great chemistry in the video.

Keri’s looking great in the video, displaying her unique style. I have this incling that she has this tough demeanor, because of the short hair and gloves, for show, but she’s really soft. ‘Tanya knows what I’m talking about, my notion is: Keri loves hard and falls hard. ‘Ye shows his relation with artist and designers, and shows off the black Air Yeezy’s. Red top and blue jeans, simplicity, I’m diggin’ it, but I’m not that much a fan of the Air Yeezy’s.

Is that Ryan Leslie in the Red pants at 2:46-47?

el fin.

2 thoughts on “Video: Knock You Down

  1. Mike a.k.a. steadfam

    I’m diggin the video. Keri is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson lmao. From her new cut, to the glow of her skin tone, Keri Hilson is the hottest girl on the scene right now!

    You guys heard here 1st,
    signin’ out,
    -Mike a.k.a steadfam

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