J. Holiday is back for Round Two

J. Holiday- Round 2The sensual sound of J. Holiday is back. After debuting with Back Of My Lac which had a generous blend of urban intrigue and  seductive lyrics, Holiday returns with his sophomore album Round Two. This time around he’s doing it for the ladies. With alluring ballads like Run Into My ArmsMake That Sound, and Sing 2 U, Holiday displays his eclectic persona in every track.

My Fav 5 after the jump.

Fav 5 Tracks from Round Two – J. Holiday

  1. Make That Sound
  2. Run Into My Arms
  3. Forever Aint Enough
  4. Sing 2 U
  5. Don’t Go

*This list was definitely a challenge. It may fluctuate depending on my mood.


One thought on “J. Holiday is back for Round Two

  1. Red

    Sing 2 U is mad smooth. LOL. The playlist is a tough compilation. I was hoping to see Wrong Lover somewhere mentioned, that’s a good ballad with my homie Rick Ross.

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