Complex West


April/May 2009 issue of Complex Magazine hits the stands 04.07.09, I got mine at Hudson News in Grand Central on Friday, and is probably the best cover issue since last years April/May with Harold & Kumar x Mila Kunis. The “Green Issue,” Ultimate Organic Buyer’s Guide. Anyway, Mr. West takes a new approach to magazine. Beside the genius concept he came-up with, he really doesn’t half-ass anything, Kim Kardashian has an amazing cover photo and did a great job, as well. Kanye called up Noah, Editor-in-Chief at Complex, at 7:50 am on New Year’s weekend, his first week off in nearly a year. He and Noah spoke over an hour critiquing Complex and then into a bigger conversation about the creative movement. Complex, mutually being a part of and the importance that we challenge each other to greatness.

Talk about aspiration! I respect and admire the way he still dreams bigger dreams at his current level of success, however, I don’t like the way other magazine’s make him seem like he is greater than thou.

The April/May 2009 covers the most anticipated sneaker, from composition sketches of the Air Yeezy’s to The Fast & Furious star, Jordana Brewster explaining why clean shoes mean more than a fancy car. And what shoes represents Mark Ecko as a person is “The Brooks Beast running shoe.” Kim talks on recycling and the Dream foundation, like the Make-A-Wish foundation, proceeds go to granting wishes to terminally ill adults. Pick up an issue for full interviews or check out the site,

el fin.

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