Video: Planet Earth

Planet Earth resumes this Sunday at 8pm on NatGeo.

Experience the planet as never before with the most ambitious factual series ever produced about the planet earth. Created by the BBC and shot entirely in high definition, this groundbreaking eleven-part series is the ultimate portrait of the planet, providing an unparalleled view of the world’s finest landscapes and incredible footage of creatures that could never be filmed in the wild before.

Four years in the making, the world’s premier wildlife cameramen have travelled all over the planet, from the world’s greatest rivers and impressive gorges to the mightiest mountains — from the hidden underground world of caves and caverns to vast deserts — to bring viewers a new perspective on some of the planet’s most iconic habitats. Imagine the Gobi Desert covered in snow; the view from the top of Angel Falls. Planet Earth contains long powerful sequences that have never been filmed before, delivering revelation and wonder in every episode.

Narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough and accompanied by a musical score from multiple Academy Award nominee George Fenton, Planet Earth blends the best of the visual and musical worlds to bring viewers unprecedented footage of some of nature’s greatest spectacles.

Included are huge migrations caught on camera, sand storms and plagues of locusts filmed in full force, and animals and landscapes caught on film for the first time. Planet Earth reveals that there is so much of the planet that has not yet been explored on television.


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