At The Studio


Another day at studio, and things are still looking good, I guess. I’ve been been get work done, doing different things, and learning everything possible. Sound good.

What’s on my desk?

  1. Leopard, just upgraded from Tiger, installed on my desktop. (For those who don’t know, Tiger is another platform, version (I think), of OS X. There is Mac OS X Tiger and the newest version is Mac OS X Leopard. Or Mac OS X Leopard vs. Windows Vista. Ha!
  2. A PANTONE solid chips: coated – gotta have my colors right. It happened to be on my desk this week, so I kept it – it’s still at work, but. There was like six or seven just laying down in the shelves anyway.
  3. A Complex magazine, with Lupe on the cover. I had that there since September, maybe? And of course, my work posted on the wall.

Soon enough a job in this environment will be permanent. The element is real lax and you could just fall in your own element. Just some pictures taken throughout the day. My desk and the shared office.

el fin.





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