Oscar and Jack


Oscar and Jack has nothing to do with this post, besides the fact that this was done during my Sociology 101 class. Oscar and Jack is the story that coincides with the debate of nature versus nurture; a big topic in sociology. However, this post I just a display of another design I did today. Just playing around with colors, shape, and repetition. And this is a nice pantone and/or a good color library to have. Make color libraries; it’s a good resource to fall on. Here it’s!

You’ve probably seen this design before, because I have. I always thought it was cool design, but I never thought how to create it or to even consider creating until recently. I’ve become aware to more designs and I’m trying to “debug” the designs to see how it’s done; this being one.

dots_varJust one variation from the previous design. More rows and colomns of color filled circles. Nice pantone!

dots_var_2And another variation of the first design. A little more “creative,” if you’d say. If not obvious, it is suppose to be an equalizer that goes as the beat/song progresses. Something for the music geeks, they see what I’m seeing (Seeing Sounds).


2 thoughts on “Oscar and Jack

  1. Nikki

    who is oscar and jack really? i got a sociology test and it mentions them and i cant find them anywhere in my book. please help me if you know what they really did throughout sociology.

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