Keep it (SUR)REAL

keep_it_surrealKeep It Surreal, Red 2008

I Don’t know if you have noticed on the top, it would say D.R.E.A.MxNYC. Well, D.R.E.A.MxNYC is mine, I mean, it was the beginning stage of my campaign. After D.R.E.A.MxNYC, I went further with the whole idea of dreaming etc. Bizy Dreaming came along after, and “Keep It Surreal” is the philosophy I like to follow.

Keep It Surreal will be one of the first designs for Bizy Dreaming prints – hopefully, if things work smoothly, there will be some variations to the Keep It Surreal design. I did the original design in December ’08 – which is probably the reason why I almost forgot to share with you all.

Keep It Surreal!


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