QU After Dark

road kill

After hours fun! What happens after hours on boring a Saturday night to the few minorities at Quinnipiac University? Lines like, “Oh sh**, what the &$%*# is that?”; “You wanna go back around, again!”; and “Damn, I should’ve directed the car light directly on this sh**!”, made the night funny after a failed movie attempt. [Only boring people get bored?] And a trip to Taco Bell confirmed the closing of a slow night.

About 1am, some friends and I stumbled upon a dead raccoon in the street that almost took our lives. With people getting close enough to take good camera shots and pose with it [we didn’t get to actually pose with it because of oncoming traffic], and shining car headlights at the raccoon, you can’t help but say funny.

R.I.P 2Tupac….. The name of the dead raccoon, SMH



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