Dyen BxBizy Dreaming


Dyen B, by Red 2009

I been feeling a little more productive since I started this blog. I’m more hands-on & “do it yourself” on things design relate. As for school, I couldn’t say the same. I just have too much free time, so I devout to it to you guys/this blog. Anyway, I found a great opportunity on Friday. An opportunity for clientele and more work. Dyen B.

She’s a young female model looking to hire a visual artist, someone to enhance, and take  her already beautiful pictures above and beyond. Is that me? Hopefully! I don’t have the job yet, because it is like a competition among those who participate. These are the two pictures I created so far. I played with some filters and blend modes. I’m really liking the color effects, so I’m going to surprise her, and you as well, with a little more colors.

She’s modeling full-time now, so that means plenty of work!

Check her myspace here

Original, Dyen Bdyenb

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