ONLY NY – Old New York Subway Archives


During the Graffiti Movement New York City was truly a canvas, which is heavily depicted in the photos. The photos have an authentic vintage and grungy feel which is hard to replicate nowadays.

More Foto’s after the jump.

ONLY NY INC. is an independent brand based out of the West side of Manhattan that offers quality goods, released in limited quantity. By combining innovative design with quality apparel, ONLY NY strives to create classic, timeless clothing. Since 1997 we have been heavily involved with NYC’s underground street culture. From years of skateboarding & writing graffiti, to sporting old school Polo and North Face, ONLY NY Embodies our roots and has been 10 years in the making. Our brand represents the hood to Park Ave. and everything in between. If you’re down with New York, your down with ONLY NY.

ONLY NY has recently created a compilation of photographs depicting NYC transit and graffiti’s overtaking of the subway system.  The NYC Subway Archives is a perfect reflection of the brand’s conceptual journey into timeless street apparel.  With graffiti artists being an integral part to sneaker collaborations and more lately, packaging and product design, ONLY gives insight to what New York was like when graffiti was still far from sought as fine art, but rather criminal vandalism.  The collection features some work from well known artists such as Espo and Seen.


Espo 1996

only-old-ny-031Seen 1982



*Disclaimer: All images are used for the sole purpose of commentary and illustration, none of which belong to me unless personally taken myself and are presumably public domain. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns in regards to infringement, feel free to contact me directly.

Source via: Freshness Magazine


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