Bizy Dreaming x Screen printing pt.1


So I tried to “screen print” my own t-shirt design, however, it did not come out as planned. The logo is wrong and the print came out sloppy.

Everything was done in my room with the help of a few of my roommates. When I say help, I mean they held down the stencil and/or handed me the paintbrushes. I rushed the project which is evident when you look at the shirt. I didn’t have all the equipment – I figured I would be able to do without some of the tools.



5 thoughts on “Bizy Dreaming x Screen printing pt.1

  1. Branch

    My brotha .. I need a hoodie with one of ur prints on it wit my name (Branch) and “3:16”

    My brotha hit me wit the price or materials u need to get it done … I need a grey or black hoodie

    I wanna support the hustle and if I like it u will have more business

  2. SuiGeneresSplash aka Gunna Aka Big Brother Almighty Aka Moiton

    You Will See This Shirt On My Real Soon ….Yall Can take Pictures With Me So You Can Feel The Era Of New York City Red

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