Stencil ArtxScreen printing

Permaset Fabric PaintWhat you need for Stencil Cutting?

  1. Self-heal cutting mat or a sheet of glass to protect the table you are cutting on
  2. A blade to cut with. I highly recommend an X-ACTO KNIFE
  3. Thin acetate – The thick stuff is too hard to cut
  4. Sticky tape

It’s best to print stencil designs on to a piece of A4 photo paper. It makes a nice firm base to place the acetate on. A4 photo paper is available at most supermarkets now for a reasonable price.

You can buy single sheets of acetate from stationary and craft shops. Acetate works really well because to lies flat on the fabric once you apply ink. If you make your stencil out of paper it’s only going to get damaged and start buckling when you start to apply the ink.

If you don’t have a printer, you’ll have to go down to a local print shop [e.g. Kinkos, Staples, a Campus Copy (if your living on a college campus)]. Get them to print it on to some thick card.

What you need for printing?

  1. T-shirt washed and dried. The problem with a lot of cheap blank t-shirts is that they shrink
  2. Foam Roller. Just buy cheap ones because they don’t last long anyway
  3. Fabric Printing Ink (textile ink). You’ll find it at craft shops. I highly recommend the brand PERMASET
  4. Baking Paper (wax paper). This is to put between the t-shirt and the iron when heat sealing
  5. Cardboard and masking tape for securing the t-shirt


*Disclaimer: All images are used for the sole purpose of commentary and illustration, none of which belong to me unless personally taken myself and are presumably public domain. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns in regards to infringement, feel free to contact me directly.

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