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Roberu “Pray For Japan” Wristband

I really dig wrist accessories – I feel it adds a little extra style to your wardrobe. Japanese leather enthusiasts Roberu have created this basic wristband, with a theme of “Pray For Japan” to help benefit those effected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit parts of Tohoku in Japan. Featuring an oil dyed leather in both brown and black, this adjustable piece is unisex and is available for 500YEN / $6 USD with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Help Japan by donating money, time, or even if it’s just extending good vibes. Keep Japan in your prayers at this time.

Video: Yung LOTTA -Lark on my Go Kart (freestyle)

Shoutout to the homie Chris for putting me on to this Yung Lotta (IV F.O.U.L SUPPORTER) track.

Pod Play: J Cole – Killer

Name a song J Cole hasn’t threw up on… [I'll wait] This track is no different. It’s clear his strength is definitely in these storytelling songs. However, this song won’t make it to Cole-World. J Cole brings this track to life through the deep thoughts of a killer. “My story isn’t the only one I’m trying to tell,” J Cole. Cooking up a classic takes time, so be patient, Cole-World will definitely be a classic.

Mama, I just killed a man. My body’s still trembling can you feel my hand? Don’t shed no tears, it wont be long before they find out it was me mama. This may be the last time you may see me free, Ma don’t spend it cry’n. You did ya best. I was blessed, know you was stressed try’n… to keep me out the streets. Me duck’n police, try’n not to make a peep to wake you up outta ya sleep. A drunk and high fool, skipp’n class flunk’n high school

Under City Lights

I went out this week experimenting with the shutter speed and this was a result.

Keep on Printing

Ode to the print industry…

Video: Producer J Time in the Studio

Money is the motive ! Am I right? Producer J Time would agree with me on that, he goes in on a new sample he’s working on – and he’s a FOULER. Check out the IV FOUL tee circulating. Shoutout to the homie Chris of Urban Journals on his brand. More on the IV FOUL brand coming soon.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Spinoff

Avatar: The Last Airbender is undoubtly one of the best animations that has come out of the West. Although intended to a children’s show, the production value, mythology, and compelling storyline set apart from all other American animations. Not to look down on other satirical contemporary cartoons though, like Family Guy, South Park, and Archer, all great cartoons (and these are only modern animations…).

After ending nearly 2 years ago, a new spin-off series is now in production. I’m pretty pumped for it especially because Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko themselves are writing all the episodes themselves, allowing no space for fillers. Right now, it’s aimed to be a mini-series, but that’s the way The Last Airbender started off too, so who knows, maybe it could evolve into a full series.

I’m also looking forward to the main setting of the series, a place called “Republic City.” It’s described as a steampunk type city, so you can tell that I am REALLY looking forward to the set design. It’s set to take place 75 years after the end of the last series, a changed world where people are filled with anti-bender sentiment. I look forward to what the creators of this world will take us this time.

If you want to find out more for yourself, you can check out the Avatar Wiki page on it here.

Happy New Year!

On behalf of Keep it Surreal, happy new year! I hope this year brought you everything you wanted. And whenever a challenge presents itself in this year 2011, embrace it with my new favorite phrase:

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

This remix is going to be my anthem for the New Year. Enjoy.

I love Steampunk

You wish you could invent half the things this kid does.

I remember back in my junior year of high school, I saw an amazing animated movie called Steamboy. For those of you who know anything about anime, it’s directed by Katsushiro Otomo, the writer and director of the classic Akira, a must see for any true anime fan.

Anyway, I saw this movie and was taken aback by the deep storyline, the departure from a traditional Japanese setting, and the visual aesthetics left nothing to be desired. It also features the voices of Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, and Alfred Molina. Great movie, really reccomend it, REGARDLESS of whether you’re an anime fan or not. Fascinating contraptions powered by steam were the driving force behind the movie, and this is where my fascination with the steampunk genre began.

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